Effectiveness of Communicative Language Learning Activities on Students’ Communicative Competence

  • Brandon Obenza Makilala Institute of Science and Technology
  • Riceli Mendoza University of Southern Mindanao
Keywords: Communicative competence, language teaching, communicative language teaching (CLT), communicative activities, quasi-experiment


This quasi-experimental study investigated the effectiveness of communicativelanguage learning activities (CLLAs) in developing college students’ communicativeCompetence (CC) as opposed to the traditional approach. The study respondents weresecond-year college students of a local higher education institution in North Cotabato,Philippines. The control group was taught using the traditional approach, while theexperimental group was exposed to CLLAs. The piloted CC test was then used for thepretest and posttest of both groups. Scores obtained from the tests were then analyzedusing a t-test. The investigation findings revealed that the CCLAs are effective inimproving the communicative competence of the students. The study recommends the useof communicative language learning activities, specifically at the tertiary level, to achievecommunicative goals in language classes. This paper provided language pedagogicalimplications and recommendations.


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