• Asia Pacific Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences - Special Edition
    Vol 18 (2020)
    This is a special journal edition of the Asia Pacific Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences for 2020 highlights the studies conducted by the faculties of Bukidnon State University on the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in the Province of Bukidnon, Philippines. The CHED Discovering – Applied Research and Extension for Trans/Inter-disciplinary Opportunities (DARE-TO) research grant is a two-year research program aimed to develop an integrated framework for the assessment of various adaptive measures of disaster risk reduction and management for the province. The researches in this 2020 volume are on governance, education, health and sciences. They also focused on the basic services of LGUs, DRR management for school-aged children, health and environment risk assessment, and land use policies. These researches respond to issues in flood- and landslide-prone areas in the province and are the bases for policy formulation and extension program of Bukidnon State University or other SUCs willing to take off from these research results. The studies published here are on DRRM mechanisms for school-aged children, community-based risk assessment in flood- and landslide-prone areas, development of DRM and mitigation extension program, health risk assessment of residents in disaster-prone areas of Bukidnon, governance issues on DRR of LGUs, risk assessment of basic social services, psychological risk assessment of residents, hydrologic model for flooding in Manupali Watershed and its implications, and hazard, exposure and vulnerabilities of school-aged children. Bukidnon State University administration and researchers would like to thank the Commission on Higher Education for granting this research project called DARE TO. This program was supported by CHED-OPRKM Research Management Division.
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Vol 14 (2017)
    This current edition of Asia Pacific Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences (APJSBS) presents works of academics within Bukidnon State University and excitingly enough those from another university and schools in Asia and the United States. This is an exciting leap from previous editions not only because it is one criterion by which the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines gauges this journal on but more importantly because we get to read studies conducted by academics elsewhere in the world with different perspectives. The first studies are on gender, where the first one found that equality in education does not guarantee equal access to economic opportunities and participation, and the second delved into the push/ pull of the migration of Cambodian women into Thailand for work. Then there are two studies on the development of indices, one for research index applicable to higher education institutions, and the other on responsiveness index in the development of 21st century competencies applicable to education. The last two are separate studies on the use of pragmatics in determining the discourse used in the rituals of Bukidnon, one of the indigenous tribes of the Philippines, and the other a phenomenological study of preservice teachers in an elementary school.
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Vol 13 (2016)
    Bukidnon State University has changed the name of its research journal into the Asia Pacific Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences beginning in this volume. This was formerly called Bukidnon State University Research Journal. Even as far back as 2013, the Editorial Board and researchers have mulled over a new name because they thought anytime soon publications will have to respond to the changing scenario of research publications in the Philippines. It has increased the composition of the editorial board, and taken out the seal of the University so that it can encompass the articles that would be submitted from the different parts of the world.
  • The Bukidnon State University Research Journal
    Vol 11 (2014)
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  • The Bukidnon State University Research Journal
    Vol 9 (2012)
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