Bukidnon State University Research Journal 2012

Human Capital Development Its Implications to Poverty Alleviation

Philippine Investment in the Tertiary Education of State Universities and Colleges

Government Inputs and Outcomes in Initial Education

Quality of Health and Disease Assessment among Selected Marginalized Barangays in Malaybalay City

Drinking Water Quality among Marginalized Barangays of Malaybalay City

Differential Characteristics of Poor and Non-Poor Communities in Malaybalay City

Poverty Alleviation and the Access and Utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) among Select Sectors in Bukidnon

Political Life of the Indigenous Tribes of Bukidnon

Culture Areas of the Seven Tribes of Bukidnon

Economic Dimension in the Ways of Life of the Seven Tribes of Bukidnon

Multidimensional Poverty Indices of the Seven Tribes in the Province of Bukidnon