Governance Issues on Disaster Risk Reduction of LGUs’s Controlled Social Services of Selected Barangays in the Province of Bukidnon

Keywords: Governance issues, disaster risk reduction management, local government unit, basic social services


Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) concepts are difficult to get across to the community leaders, especially to the residents themselves. In the past,  competence in disaster preparedness cannot take off in the barangay level due to an apparent lack of education as noted by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). Local government units (LGUs) recognize the importance of disaster risk reduction management. However, issues on policies that have bearing on the pre- implementation, implementation, and post-implementation activities are deemed important.   Thus,  the study explored the governance issues on disaster risk reduction of local government units’ basic social services of selected barangays in the Province of Bukidnon. Focus Group Discussion (FGD), interviews, and checklist were used in gathering the data to answer the following objectives: (1) assess the pre-implementation, during the implementation, and post-implementation of the disaster risk reduction management policies focusing on the basic social services such as food, water, electricity, and health in the identified barangays; (2) identify issues on the implementation of the DRRM based on the pillars of good governance; and (3) recommend appropriate measures to respond to governance issues. Findings reveal that the local government units of the Province of Bukidnon showed preparedness in disaster risk reduction in pre-implementation, during the implementation, and post-implementation of the disaster risk reduction management policies.  Governance issues were identified, namely, distribution of basic services, relocation site, list of households in the community, and accessibility of information. However, appropriate measures were recommended to respond to the identified governance issues.


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