Quality of Health and Disease Assessment among Selected Marginalized Barangays in Malaybalay City

  • Carina Joane V. Barroso Bukdinon State University
  • Corazon G Alava Bukidnon State University


      This study was conducted to determine the quality of health among marginalized barangays in Malaybalay City. The study aimed to identify and assess the morbidity rates of the following diseases: waterborne, vector borne, communicable and non-communicable; and assessed the health conditions of individuals in marginalized communities and correlate the incidence/cases of waterborne, vector borne, communicable and non-communicable diseases with the barangays’ poverty index.       Regression analysis was used to correlate poverty and health. Findings revealed that poverty status has moderate positive relationship with the incidence of dengue, tuberculosis and diarrhea, while there is only slight positive relationship between poverty status and the occurrence of diabetes among the marginalized barangays.Keywords;  waterborne, vector borne, communicable and non-communicable diseases, poverty and health