Poverty Alleviation and the Access and Utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) among Select Sectors in Bukidnon

  • Remedios G Barretto Bukidnon State University
  • Corazon G Alava
  • Sol G Simbulan
  • Adela A Cunanan
  • Mercedes Gloria Ramos
  • Marilou Espina
  • Christian J Inovejas
  • Luz B Un


This study investigated the role of ICT on the social, economic and political aspects of selected upland farmers, lowland farmers, and senior citizens. Specifically, it determined how respondents in the said sectors access and utilize information and communication using ICT; and related the influence of ICT in an effort to alleviate their social, economic and political conditions.The findings of the study revealed that both the old and new forms of ICT resources were accessed and utilized by the three sectors. Most respondents from the upland and lowland farmers, and senior citizens that have improved income in the past ten years used/accessed ICT. The presence of ICT and the consequent use of said respondents explained the increase in the income in 89.6 percent of the cases. The findings showed that the use of ICT resources contributes in alleviating poverty among the respondents.Keywords:  Information and Communication Technology (ICT), poverty alleviation