Culture Areas of the Seven Tribes of Bukidnon

  • Magnolia O Improgo Bukidnon State University


This study investigated the ways of life of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) of Bukidnon in the different cultural areas. Specifically, it focused on the practices and beliefs of the IPs from birth to death, namely, on religion, ritual, marriage, giving birth and health and death. A comparison of the practices and beliefs across the seven tribes was done to generate themes. Interview and focus group discussion (FGD) were conducted to gather the data from among the key informants of the tribes and its members. Findings show that majority of the IPs of the seven tribes are Catholic in religion. All of them practice the conduct of a ritual which they call “pamuhat” in many activities of their life. The IPs choose their own partners for marriage; there are a few tribes who still practice the “duay” or having more than one wife. Majority of the mothers give birth at home with the assistance of a “mangunguyamo.” In curing certain illnesses, the IPs make use of herbal plants and trees. A “baylan” or a ritualist makes a prayer to heal sick members of the tribe. As to taking care of the dead, majority of the tribes do not practice embalming. The dreams and aspirations of the IPs are to be educated and to have a stable income; and to preserve their tribe.Keywords:  indigenous peoples, ways of life, culture areas