On-the-Job Training: Towards Internationalization of Instructional Programs in Business, Accountancy and Hospitality

  • Luz B Un Bukidnon State University


In the light of the current system of internationalization, Bukidnon State University has employed mechanisms to address the clamor of internationalized Education and Instructional  Programs mainly on  Business and the  Hospitality  Industry.   This study aimed to determine the learning experiences of the thirty-nine (39) student interns of Bukidnon State University in programs of Business Administration, Accountancy and Hospitality during their international on-the-job training (OJT) in the United States of America.  The study employed narrative analysis from the narrative reports of the student trainees of their personal learning experiences and the qualitative remarks of their immediate supervisors. Also, quantitative analysis through the weighted mean (µ) of the trainees’ performance was also employed to validate the qualitative data. As a result of the experiences, the student trainees have expressed positive regard for the internship experience since they have learned about other cultures and essential global corporate practices of their field. The American host companies likewise expressed through the performance appraisal and descriptive evaluation their appreciation of Filipino work ethics and their quality of work. The professional competencies of the student interns garnered a weighted mean of 3.74 which means exemplary and a weighted mean of 3.26 in their professional behavior which also means exemplary. The results express a favorable impression of the programs and individual experience. The experiences are of great importance not just to the students but also to the University and the host agencies that provided the experience.Keywords:  internalization, internships, on-the-job-training, expansion of education, globalization of education