Developing Students’ Research Writing Skills

  • Maribel G Valdez Bukidnon State University


This study chronicles the writing process of students as they write their research review and methodology. The objectives of the present study include (1) the input in the information-content and mechanics of research writing which is given to the students, (2) characteristics of their written output, and (3) difficulties experienced in their writing. Guiding students through these various sections is possible through the moves which are the information required and agreed-upon norms for what is acceptable in this area.  From obsevation, students, written output reflects characteristics on cohesion, coherence, intentionality, acceptability, informativeness, situationality, and intertextuality.  One of the difficulties they experienced is searching for the most accurate concepts that they could anchor their study on from the many concepts available.Keywords:  research writing skills, genre, moves, process approach, product approach