Typology of Bukidnon State University Using the Commission of Higher Education Standards

  • Maribel G Valdez Bukidnon State University
  • Zita I Dales


This study examined the horizontal and vertical typology of Bukidnon State University in line with the paradigm shift of the private and public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines to enhance the quality assurance system. This shift intends to rationalize distribution and operation of HEIs in the country. Data were taken from the last five years including 2014 enrolment, undergraduate and graduate degree program offering, thesis requirement, involvement in research and annual research cost expenditure. This is a descriptive study whereby the criteria set by the Commission on Higher Education’s Policy Standard to Enhance Quality Assurance in Philippine Higher Education through an Outcomes-based and Typology-based Quality Assurance (CHED Memorandum Order of 2012) on horizontal typology whether professional institution, college or university found that the horizontal typology of Bukidnon State University is university but with weaknesses in research funding, physical facilities such as laboratories, research linkages abroad, and invented technologies. In the three types of higher education institutions (HEIs) according th vertical classification of the autonomous HEI, deregulated HEI and regulated HEI, Bukidnon State University has yet to pass most of the criteria for the vertical typology and hence, it is still regulated by CHED.Keywords:  rationalization, typology, graduate and undergraduate programs, professional programs, non-professional programs