Development and Validation of Well-being Index


Well-being is a positive perception and usually related to satisfaction allied with emotion and determined by social variables in economics, socio-cultural, environment, and health. The determination and validation of indexes of well-being applicable to Filipinos are the intentions of the study. The study utilized the descriptive research design with the total population of five thousand one hundred five (N=5, 105) and a sample size (n = 1000) of one thousand household heads in Malaybalay City, Philippines. Survey questionnaires used in the study were validated utilizing the Delphi technique and the reliability test was done using Cronbach Alpha.  The top three indicators that yield the greater optimal weights are the better indicators of well-being among Filipinos.  The result of the study shows that the better indicators for well-being are housing, income, and community.Keywords:  well-being, health, income, housing, community